What is integrity? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” Does this sound like something you’d be interested in pursuing? Read on for tips to leading a life of integrity.

Practice Gratitude and Giving Back

The first tip for leading a life of integrity is to practice gratitude in your everyday life. Studies have proven that the more grateful a person is, the happier he or she is. By expressing gratitude, we acknowledge all the good in our life and our joy for our blessings. You should also be grateful for your challenges and hurdles, as they help you grow. When you begin to practice gratitude daily, you will begin leading a more integrous life. Why? A life of integrity begins with actions from the heart. Heartfelt actions are the truest kind of living. When you freely and openly express your gratitude and give back to causes and people you care about, you lead a life of integrity.

Be Impeccable with Your Agreements

All of us make agreements every day, both professionally and personally. To make your agreements effective, you must express yourself clearly and precisely. In short, your agreements must be impeccable.  An impeccable agreement must specify exactly who will do what and when they will do it. Without such specifics, an agreement devolves into mere requests or assumptions.

Agreements also require adherence to commitments. While life circumstances occasionally interfere with commitments, you must be counted on to honor your obligations.

Because life shifts and changes all the time, integrous leaders recognize they may need to renegotiate agreements when circumstances warrant. In such situations, you need to inform everyone involved that you believe changes are required and need to be discussed. But that does not mean you should demand or dictate changes, or unilaterally renege on your obligations. Such situations require a conversation in which all parties have an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about the need for change.

Being impeccable with your agreements transforms employees and teams positively. Are you integrous with your agreements?

Conscious and effective leaders know the value of integrity. Leading a life of integrity demands honesty and ethics in every action you take. It means practicing gratitude as well as being impeccable with your agreements. Integrity comes from taking responsibility, feeling our feelings, and speaking our truth.