Each community is unique in its makeup, and each culture within a community deserves to be celebrated.  The same should be said for promoting diversity within the workplace. Promoting diversity doesn’t necessarily have specific guidelines applicable to every workplace, but here are four ways to promote diversity generally.

Educate Yourself

You should learn about different cultural traditions and approaches to work.  Such information will help you get to know your fellow employees, especially those who have different backgrounds or are from different countries. It could also create travel opportunities if you have an overseas market or office. At a minimum, you gain better insight into different cultures and enhanced sensitivity to foster better working relationships. These relationships may trigger new ideas and solutions that you hadn’t previously considered in your work environment.

Acknowledge Differences

Even in modern society, it is okay to point out that people are different. Such differences are not limited to race, gender, religion, and the like, but extend to management styles. Acknowledging such differences will help lessen the chance of discriminatory decision making.

Embrace Different Values and Perspectives

This is where the golden rule comes into play. Treat others how you want to be treated. Just as you wouldn’t want someone to be ignorant or dismissive of your values and perspectives, you should afford that same courtesy to your fellow employees by actively seeking advice, ideas, and expertise. By being inclusive, you will help your company retain diverse talent and attract globally minded job seekers.

Find Ways to Celebrate Different Traditions

This is an easy step. You should include food, music, and celebrations from around the world into your workplace. Such celebrations are great for team-building and provide those in your company’s “upper echelons” to connect with other employees.

The easiest way to promote diversity in the workplace is simply to embrace it. Working closely with your colleagues will build a culture that’s multi-talented and diverse. Getting to know your fellow employees on a more personal level will foster common ground and promote an inclusive work environment.