Success isn’t easily measurable. As a society, we tend to value those who we believe have achieved a lot in their life because they own expensive things or hold highly esteemed positions. But when you place such material achievements on a pedestal, your self-value lowers because you aren’t in their shoes. Don’t allow yourself to feel that way. Success isn’t measured the same way for everyone. Your idea of success should change as you progress through life; it shouldn’t stay the same. How you perceive success should evolve as you reach new milestones in your career. At every moment in your life, reevaluate what success means to you.

What you value in life should determine your assessment of success. People value different things. Leaders may believe they aren’t reaching their full potential, while non-leaders may think that becoming a leader will fulfill their potential. You should consider what you value at each moment, whether it be creating strong relationships, becoming employee of the month, or something else. Recognizing what you value you will enable you to develop goals to achieve your version of success.

Once you realize what you value, you can create an action plan to achieve it. Your action plan should be achievable in a timely and reasonable manner. If your plan is too elongated or unrealistic, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t believe that value comes from physical objects. Owning a lot of nice things does not mean that you will be considered successful. Instead, it may create a void that leads to a desire for more. Success is a mindset. It isn’t something that can be bought. Put value in what you do, not what you possess.

Similarly, don’t compare yourself to others. Doing so will only leave you discouraged and believing you have underachieved. We naturally tend to place more value on what others accomplish than on what we accomplish. What others accomplish has no bearing on who you are. You should aim to achieve what you want, not what others have achieved.

Feeling successful is hard. But once you attain that feeling, you will want to feel it again. Feeling successful pushes you to grow and become a better person. Understanding what you value and creating an action plan to achieve it will enable you to feel successful.