With technology constantly growing and becoming more present, the collections industry continues to see new challenges. These challenges in particular are detrimental to the industry because it slows down the efficiency that is possible within the collections industry.

One of the challenges the collections industry faces is the lack of current contact information of debtors. Seeing as our world is heading towards an all digital world, the ability to find information about a given person is much easier than from days of paper files. Even so, finding the most accurate information still presents an issue. A recovery of a debt relies on the ability to contact the debtor. Without the correct contact information, recovery of the debt would be impossible. An additional factor that presents as a challenge is identifying the debtor. This may involve not having enough information on the debtor to correctly identify them when reaching out concerning the debt.

In order to have the most accurate contact information for a debtor, it is essential that accessing that information is easy. More times than not, the collection industry has found varying degrees of difficulty in accessing this information. In public records, a phone number or address can be located with relative ease but to find information such as place of employment, known associates, or known relatives is where most collection companies find difficulty. This leads to not only not being able to recover the debt but it can add up to a waste of time trying to locate, access, and utilize this information which, in turn, makes for a less effective recovery for the debt. Once information has been obtained that will help contact or locate a debtor, time presents itself as a challenge. It may take too long to locate the debtor when companies have to sort through all of the data they have found on the debtor. This is generally caused by a lack of organization within that specific company.

Although it may sometimes get a bad name based on the nature of the industry, the debt collection industry still has its own challenges just as any other industry would. Usually, this revolves around not having the correct contact information for a debtor or having too much information pertaining to a debtor and lacking the organization to efficiently recover a debt.